Do you want school to be more fun for both students and teachers?

Do you want students to think critically or just repeat what they are taught?

Do you want to become part of an international community which transforms classroom instructions?

If yes, our project may be right for you. The European Network of Debating Teachers is an initiative of debate organizations from Slovakia, Romania, Estonia and Lithuania, co-funded by the European Union’s Erasmus+ Programme.

Our project consist of the following activities:
February 2015 – Teacher exchange in Lithuania
Spring 2015 – Teacher trainings in Estonia, Lithuania, Romania and Slovakia
July 2015 – Teacher exchange in Lithuania
September-December 2015 – Production of debate manual for teachers
February 2016 – Teacher exchange in Romania
Spring 2016 – Conferences to introduce our debate manual to teachers in Estonia, Lithuania, Romania and Slovakia.

For details and information on how to get involved, see the respective local subsites on the main page.