Pauville – case analysis

Subject: Cross-cutting themes
Summary: Classroom discusses a case that affects different parts of the local community. Students are given positions to support and defend. A debate is held in the local meeting setting in order to solve the problem question of the case. Several home tasks and steps of group work are given.
Activity length: Duration is approximately 180 minutes (4x45 minutes). Lesson plan can be modified and shortened if there is less time to implement it.
  • Students develop the skills of brainstorming, oral and verbal presentation, argumentation, group work and public speaking.
  • Students learn to consider different perspectives that they might not be accustomed to.

Teacher needs to prepare handouts about the description about the case.

Teacher should prepare a camera in order to film the debate.


Part 1: Teacher divides the class into groups and assigns each group with a stakeholder. Teacher presents the students the case that is going to be discussed. Students are told to hold a brainstorming session in their groups about what is the stance of their group about the proposed construction of the ski resort and what arguments support their position. The group of journalists is advised to come up with a range of questions to help to explain or undermine the positions of the stakeholders. Moderator should be tasked with creating an exact format for the mock debate. If the lesson plan is divided into several parts a home task of creating a speech that presents the groups’ position and explains it should be given.

Part 2: Previously prepared speeches are analyzed and groups finalize their preparation in order to be able to convince others of their position.

Part 3: A recorded public debate is conducted. The moderator should run the debate; all groups should have a designated time to present their arguments. Also a round of rebuttal should be facilitated. Journalists should ask questions in the last part of the debate. After the debate the moderator should put the question to a vote.

Part 4: Video analysis of the debate. Strengths and weaknesses of the arguments of the groups, questions of the journalists and the format of the debate should be discussed in the classroom, teacher should lead the discussion. A home task of creating a news article about the event can be given.


Students should be assessed on the participation and fulfilling the specific roles of their groups, home tasks (speeches and news articles) can also be marked.

Additional notes:

Case: In the county of Ramsey there is a Pauville hill which used to be a place of sacrifice for ancient people. The area is also under protection by the state due to its natural habitat for several species. To this day the Pauville hill is used for sacrifice by old religions and the hill is highly respected in the community. Yet there are plans of creating a ski resort at Pauville which would provide jobs and promote healthy lifestyle among the local people but also in the entire country. All the relevant interest groups have gathered in the local county house for a meeting.

Stakeholders are:

  • founders of the ski resort
  • conservationists
  • local residents
  • members of the local government
  • moderator of the meeting
  • journalists