Napoleon and his time

Subject: History
Summary: Students act as investigative journalists writing an article about Napoleon. Having a chance to interview Napoleon himself, they try to understand the relations between Napoleon’s actions and his personality.
Activity length: Duration is 2x45 min.
  • Students will know the key points of Napoleon’s personality, life and his policies.
  • Students evaluate and analyze the relationship between the leader’s personal attributes and his decision-making.

Students have learned about Napoleon’s life and foreign policy.

Each group should have access to a computer.


Part 1: Students are divided into groups depending on the size on the class. Each group has to write a newspaper article about Napoleon. They can choose to write about Napoleon’s life and relations, his wars or other policies depending on which issues have been previously discussed in class. The article can be an interview, report, news flash, opinion piece, editorial etc. The story needs to be illustrated and edited as a newspaper page would look alike.

Part 2: All groups nominate one or two students to represent their “paper” on a press conference with Napoleon. Teacher will take the role of Napoleon and will answer to questions from the journalists.

Part 3: Both groups are to present their articles which are to be binded together as a full newspaper with 4-5 articles.


Teacher grades the articles based on their historical accuracy and style.