Heritage of the Ancient Culture

Subject: History
Summary: Students learn about different heritage sites of ancient cultures, research information and make up arguments on controversial issues regarding the topic.
Activity length: Duration is 45 min.
  • Students learn about heritage of ancient cultures.
  • Students make up arguments.

Teacher prepares a table (see additional notes).

Teacher prepares Dixit cards.


Part 1: Around five or six Dixit cards are spread on the table and students are given a task to pick the one most resembling cultural heritage to them. All students have to give explanations and justify their choice.

Part 2: Students work in pairs. Teacher gives each pair the prepared table which students must finish using information from the internet.

Part 3. Teacher splits the class into two. The first half of the class will form arguments on the topic: “Is it right that the old oriental heritage sights are in the European museums?” The other half of the class will form arguments on the topic: “European governments should encourage education about the UNESCO heritage site.” Students present their arguments.


Teacher checks and grades the completed tables of chosen pairs.

Additional notes:

Table for part 1:

Discovery Locality Year Archaeologist’s name Three things I didn’t know
Ancient city Troy (Turkey)      
    1922 Howard Carter and Lord Carnarvon  
    1900 Arthur Evans  
Queen´s tomb Puabi Ur (Iraq) 1934 Leonard Woolley