Festivals and celebrations

Subject: Social studies
Summary: Students analyze the meaning of Valentine’s day through forum debate. Class discusses whether St. Valentine’s day should receive less attention.
Activity length: Duration is 45 minutes.
  • Students develop scanning skills by searching for extra material and reading texts on the internet.
  • Students revise and consolidate the thematic vocabulary by using it in forum debates.

Teacher advises students to read about the Valentine’s day from various online sources (e.g. Wikipedia, cbn.com/st.valentine).

Each student prepares 2 affirmative and 2 negative arguments on the motion “St. Valentine’s day should be given less attention”.


Part 1: Teacher announces the motion and objectives of the lesson, explains the format of the exercise and assessment principles. Two students are picked for debating on opposite sides, three students are picked for judging. Two debaters are given few minutes to prepare, while the rest of the class discusses the motion with the teacher and prepares questions.

Part 2: Forum debate

Affirmative speech (3 min)

Questions from the class (3 min)

Negation speech (3 min)

Questions from the class (3 min)

Judges analyses the debate and arguments given.

Rest of the class and debaters express their opinion on the given debate topic which is moderated by the teacher. The discussion can follow the questions asked and answered in the previous debate.

Part 3: Teacher hands out the homework assignment to write a short opinion on the topic (approx. 90 words). Students start working on the assignment.


Students who participated in debating and judging get graded based on their performance and logic of their prepared arguments.

All written opinions are graded by the teacher.