Subject: Language classes
Summary: Students work in groups to discuss the issues of hunting, killing animals for fur and humanity. Brainstorming leads to a forum debate on the motion “It is inhuman to kill wild animals for their fur”.
Activity length: Duration is 45 minutes.
  • Students will know the appropriate vocabulary and practice the use of future tenses.
  • Students practice presenting a problem finding a solution and analyzing the consequences.

Teacher prepares textbooks or handouts if necessary.

Students can be asked to prepare pro and con arguments before class using the specific prechosen materials.


Part 1: Teacher announces the topic and objectives of the lesson. Teacher explains the core clash points in this discussion: what is humane?  why is it OK to hunt? do animals have right? etc.

Part 2: Teacher moderates a class discussion in form of brainstorming. All the ideas, pro and con, are written down on the blackboard. As a result of this brainstorming, there should be at least 4-5 claims on either side of the motion.

Part 3: Students need to pair up and are given either the affirmative or the negative side to prepare by the teacher. Students have to prepare at least 3 arguments on their side.

Part 4: Teacher chooses the first affirmative pair to present one of their arguments to the class. Then a negative pair is asked to reply and present their argument. Next affirmative pair will reply and present their own argument and so on changing sides until all the different arguments have been presented by the class.


Teacher analyses the debate and gives feedback on the logic of arguments and rebuttals. Class can review the main clash points previously discussed.

Class can choose the best arguments and vote which pair did the best job.