„Remembrance of Childhood”, by Ion Creanga

Subiect: Clase de Limbi
Durata: 100 min

a) cognitive: At the end of the lesson, the students will be able to:

  1.  Identify and support with arguments Nica’s moral features;
  2. Find examples and explain certain behaviour traits of the hero in the excerpt;
  3. Bring arguments to defend Nica in his theft, selling things that did not belong to him, disturbing peace etc.;
  4. point out the other characters’ attitude towards Nica ;
  5. use law terms;

b) Emotional

  1. participate in the debate;
  2. prove willingness to understand the emotional value and the moral values;



Student’s book, reading chart, work charts.


First week (50’)

Becoming familiar with the theme- group work:

  • Students have to identify the moments of the story – each essential moment is assigned to a team. (15’)
  • Group presentation (15’)
  • Feedback offered by the teacher for each team (10’)
  • Organising the literary trial /debate. The students will be split into two teams – the first will be made up of the accusation team  and witnesses and the second are the defendant’s team. The teacher will be the judge. An usher will bring the witness , a secretary will note down on the board the main issues brought to attention ( The class is organised according to the teacher’s instructions.) (10’)

Second week (50’)

The class development

  • The discussion starts from the idea that the character is guilty of some misdemeanors and  the trial begins. The teacher announces the objectives
  • Possible scenario: The judge: „Dear audience, we will deal with the case of Nica from the Remembrance of Childhood by I.Creangă, referring strictly to the excerpt in the student’s book, accused of some crimes. I invite the two attorneys of the parties to read their pleas.” The accusation: „Dear Jury, I accuse the defendant  Nica from the village of Humuleşti, county  Neamţ of qualified theft  from public goods, the cuckoo  kidnapping , and trying to sell a good that did not belong to him, inappropriate behaviour  in the presence of adults and public silence disturbance. ( A detailed presentation of Nica’s deeds is read)” The defense: Dear Jury, I pray for not listening to  the false accusations against the defendant, as he does not know the situation very well. Nică did not bring loss to anybody or the cuckoo, as it came back to the lime tree where it lives and therefore the evidence against him is insufficient …. and so on and so forth   (30’)
  • Decision: The teacher decides the fate of the character after evaluating the evidence and the attorneys’ pleas (15’)

The students receive homework a letter written to Nica, announcing him the verdict  and the justification of it given the attitude in the novel.