Operating systems

Subiect: Științe ale Naturii
Sumar: operating systems , Windows, Linux, MC OS, proficiency, costs
Durata: 3 lessons

At the end of the lesson the students will be able to

  • identify operating systems
  • Find advantages and disadvantages of using operating systems
  • Identify the best operating systems in use at school or at home


  • Enumerating various operating systems;
  • Describing the operating systems
  • Advantages and disadvantages of using operating systems;

computers, board, coloured chalk, the school computer system now in use


Brainstormingviruses versus anti-viruses

Debate – The four corners , opinions, arguments and problem solving – each team will debate in favour of an operating system ( Team 1- Windows, Team 2- Linux, Team 3 MC OS, Team 4 Android)


systematic/oral observation

Note adiţionale:

at the end of the debate  we have a practical test of the 4 operating systems