European Integration

Subiect: Istorie
Durata: 50 minutes
  1. the students organised in 2 groups will identify arguments pro and against Romania’s integration in the EU.
  2. the students will announce their arguments according to the principles of tolerance and respect towards the other colleagues.
  3. by applying the ” line of values” didactical method the assisting students will join the team with the most convincing arguments from their point of view.

From the previous lesson, the students are familiar with what the cultural, political and economical construction mean named the European Union, the principles and values that define it. The class is split into 2 groups of three students each and the audience/jury of the debate. These students will not be allowed to intervene during the debate. The teacher will be judge. The students will be allowed to use materials and laptops, computers, projectors etc.


The motion : This House Believes that the Romanians’ cultural and economical development and fulfillment is possible only in the common European Framework.

One of the groups will build arguments in which the motion is supported  and the opposing team will try to demonstrate the opposite. At the end of the debate the students in the audience will vote by joining a team they believed more convincing during the match.


The questionnaire

  1. Which of the two teams best supported their arguments?
  2. How do you rank team 1 ? Options for answering: very good, good, so and so/average, weak
  1. How do you rank team 2? Options for answering: very good, good, so and so/average, weak
  1. What additional arguments do you think the teams could have brought into discussion? Give examples for both teams.
Note adiţionale:

The teacher intervenes during the debate only in the following extreme cases:

  1. When the rules of the game are not respected: intolerance, vulgar language, too strong attacks, disrespect towards the opposing team members
  2. Time allotment is not respected

Taking into consideration that the activity has not been applied  in the class before  you can only optimise the debate in further classes of the same type.