World War II

Subject: History
Summary: Students revise and learn about the WWII by independently creating comparisons between the situations of different countries in Europe and Asia. Students in groups create presentations about their assigned countries.
Activity length: Duration is approximately 90 minutes.
  • Students learn about the WWII and the implications it had on Asian countries.
  • Students develop group work and presentation skills and also quick reaction to questions.

Teacher prepares questions to revise the outcomes of the WWII.

Teacher prepares a presentation about the effects WWII had on Asian countries.

Teacher prepares a structure sheet for students for their presentation.


Part 1: The teacher facilitates a Q/A session with the students on the most crucial information from the sections that the students covered in previous classes regarding WW II in Europe.

Part 2: Teacher presents and explains the historical context in Asia after WW II and during the times of the cold war. Teacher divides students into groups and assigns one Asian and one European country per group for students to analyze.

Part 3: Students are given around 15 minutes to read up and research about the two countries assigned to their groups. After that students should have a group discussion to establish a general overview of these countries.

Part 4: Every group has 4 minutes to make a presentation to introduce the situation of a European and Asian country, similarities and differences of these countries. Others take notes prepare questions. Presentations are followed by a Q/A session by students.


Active participation regarding the group work on asking relevant questions from other groups should be credited. Also it is important to highlight the necessity of having a comparison and a clear structure in the presentations