War and peace. Under certain circumstances war is perfectly justifiable.

Subject: Language classes
Summary: Forum debates with the whole class, discussion
Activity length: 90 min

1) to analyse the main historical, economic and social aspects of war

2) to form group-work skills

3) to improve students‘ English language skills and encourage them express their ideas in front  of the audience

Competences: Learning to learn, communication, presentation, social and personal


Teacher finds a short video, some articles about the most famous wars (e.g. WWI, WWII, Vietnam War) and prepares handouts about these conflicts and their reasons.

Students brainstorm ideas on the topic at home and bring the prepared material.

  • The teacher introduces the topic “Under certain circumstances war is perfectly justifiable” and the objectives of the lesson. (2 min)
  • The teacher divides the class into 2 groups (proposition and opposition). (2 min)
  • Students watch the video and make notes. (15 min)
  • Students read the teacher’s handouts and prepare their arguments for or against the given topic. Students choose 2 arguments to develop and present during the debates. (30 min)
  • The teacher moderates the students’ work.
  • 2 students of each team present the arguments in turn (one student presents one argument) to prove their chosen side. Other students make notes and prepare for a class discussion. (3-4 min for a student; 12-16 min.)
  • After the presentations a class discussion takes place. (15 min)

The teacher assesses the presentations and evaluates the best team.  (5 min)

Additional notes:

The teacher and students reflect on the debates. (5 min)

Author: Vilda Kiaunytė, senior English teacher, KTU inžinerijos licėjus