Subject: Language classes
Summary: Game “Typewriter”, brainstorm, line debate.
Activity length: 45 min

Students will be able to use new vocabulary and comparative/ superlative adjectives expressing their opinion about way of travelling.


The teacher prepares flashcards the ABC letters, a presentation with new words “Means of transport”, students read the articles on the websites: /

No. Teacher Time Students
1. The teacher introduce the topic and the objective.


3 min  
2. A warm up activity

Game “Typewriter”

The teacher prepares the flashcards and asks students to spell the word “Transport”. The teacher claps, the students spell the word.

2 min The students are given the ABC flashcards; the student who has a proper letter stands up and spells it.
3. Introduction of new vocabulary.

The teacher presents the new words on the interactive board.

10 min Students guess the words, which are hidden behind the pictures. Students learn the new words or repeat the old ones.
4. Revision. Comparison of adjectives.

The teacher writes the adjectives: slow, fast/quick, expensive, cheap, safe, dangerous, comfortable, convenient, attractive, interesting, good and bad.

7 min Students make comparative and superlative adjectives.
5. Line debates.

The teacher divides the students in two groups (one group is proposition, another is opposition) and asks to give their opinions about “Travelling by air is better than travelling by land”.

The teacher warn that the students’ opinions will be used later.



15 min Students express their opinions using the comparative adjectives and the new words.

Students say: “I agree with you that travelling by air is better than travelling by land because … but….”

6. Assessment

The teacher evaluates two groups.

3 min  
7. Homework.


2 min Students have to write from 5 to 7 sentences using the ideas from their debates.
8. Notes and suggestions.

The teacher asks to complete the sentences.


The most interesting opinion was…

The most serious opinion was …

The funniest opinion was …


2 min Students complete the sentences on separate sheets and give them to the teacher.