Subject: Social studies
Summary: Students use turncoat debating to understand the concept of pluralism.
Activity length: Duration is approximately 45 minutes.
  • Students will know the main characteristics of the concept of pluralism. Students will formulate opinion on a topic given by the teacher.
  • Students learn to use turncoat debating. Students develop critical thinking and logical analysis based on that.

Teacher prepares a presentation about pluralism.

Teacher gives (if necessary) overview about the buildup of an argument.

Teacher prepares a list of statements concerning views on pluralism.


Parts 1: Teacher gives an overview on pluralism. Teacher presents statement(s) about preferences about certain groups (e.g. dogs are worse than cats, left-legged people are better than right-legged people).

Part 2: All students prepare arguments for the motion for 5 minutes. After that, all students prepare arguments against the motion for 5 minutes. Thirdly, students have 5 minutes to draw a conclusion from the previous 10 minutes, which balances both sides of the debate.

Part 3: Groups of 4 are formed. Students present their arguments to their group members to find out who had the best arguments with the mindset of balancing of opinions. The best-balanced arguments will be presented for the rest of the groups.


Teacher holds a vote, which group had the best arguments. Best group gets a positive grade.