Planet issues. Disasters.

Subject: Language classes
Summary: Students revise the previously learned vocabulary. The following lesson plan is about the example of the topic “Disasters” but can be used for any other topic as well. Students watch a video, mark down topically related words and give impromptu speeches about the topic.
Activity length: Duration is 45 minutes.
  • Students consolidate thematic vocabulary.
  • Students use 3 word speaking exercise and impromptu speeches.

Students are given the task at home to visit internet sites for gathering information and reading extra texts about disasters:;

Teacher prepares 10 words of disasters written on separate pieces of paper and sets up the video “15 Most destructive natural disasters in history

( for the class to watch.


Part 1: Teacher presents the goals and tasks of the lesson and rules of assessment. Teacher additionally chooses the timekeeper.

Before watching the video teacher gives students the task to listen and pick up 10 words naming different disasters. Students watch the video.

Part 2: 10 volunteer students each pick one piece of paper with the word of disaster written on it from the teacher’s desk and get two minutes of preparation time.

After the preparation time each student talks for one minute about the disaster written down on their paper.

Teacher gives comments about the speeches.

Part 3: Now three other students are asked in front of the class and are each given a new word by the

class on the same topic of “Disasters”. First student speaks about their word for one minute. The next student has to talk about the word that they have been given but also integrate the word of the first student. Third student has to talk about their word and also the second student’s word.

Teacher gives comments about the speeches.

Part 4: Teacher asks one student or a volunteer to try to give an impromptu speech. The student is given a paper with a claim or a quotation on the topic of “Disasters”. Student is given two minutes to prepare. During that time the claim or quotation is also written down on the blackboard and other students are asked to think about the topic and also about what kind of a speech they would give.

Student gives their speech. Teacher gives comments.

Teacher gives homework to revise and get ready for vocabulary test on disasters.


All students who have delivered speeches get marks. Timekeeper gets +1 for next oral performance.