Nuclear energy

Subject: Natural science
Activity length: 90 min
  • General introduction into the issue – what’s the story.
  • Hints (keywords) about what the student should be thinking about when preparing.
  • Role descriptions for everyone.

First lesson:

  1. 5 min. Divide the class into different roles, explain the task. If there are 6 teams, there will be 4-6 students in one group. Students choose the roles themselves.
  2. 30 min. Then they start preparing for their role using the internet or textbooks or materials that the teacher has prepared, also their own knowledge.
  3. 10 min. The lesson will be concluded by the groups presenting their overall position and some hints of evidence, so that the teacher can see whether they are on the right track.

Prepare powerpoint presentations. The groups will have one or two speakers, the group wil deciede on them themselves.

Second lesson:

  1. 5 min. The debate is facilitated by the teacher. He/she opens and explains what is about to happen.

In favour:

  • 6 mins. Representatives of the government – national security. Task to explain the concept of energy security and the security position of the country.
  • 6 mins. Economist – economically benefitial. Their task is to do the math and show how nuclear energy is an investment into the future.
  • 6 mins. Lobbyists for nuclear energy – reply speeches. Their task is to analyse the debate, to point out the main clashpoints and to reiterate the evidence.


  • 6 mins. Opposition politicians – there is no money for it. Their task is to explain why other energy sources are cheaper.
  • 6 min. Environmentalists – that it’s bad for the environment, therefore also for the economy. Their task is to explain nuclear fission.
  • 6 min. Local residents from the place where the plant is to be built – reply speeches. Their task is to analyse the debate, to point out the main clashpoints and to reiterate the evidence.

The reply speeches could be done by those who do not have a topic preference.

5 min. Conclusion by the teacher, end of lesson.

Measurement. If there is a ppt or paper or anything else, then a grade should be given.

Additional notes:

These things need to be solved:

  • Is the topic not too complicated?
  • How to make it so that the students are not too much in their roles but more involved with the entire topic?
  • How to make it more inclusive? Maybe have everyone speak for a minute instead of one or two speaking for 6 or 3?
  • How could we move the format beyond Popper?
  • Could there be other roles, like journalists, scientists?