Modern technologies

Subject: Language classes
Summary: Forum debates with the whole group
Activity length: 90 min

Objectives: to find out the controversial opinions of using modern technologies and written sources;

to develop team work skills;

to develop team spirit;

to form self-assessment skills.

Competences: leadership; learning to learn; inquiries and answers on the spot.


Teacher divides the group into 2 teams (for/against); points out the website on the Internet- the article regarding to the topic.

Students find out three arguments for and against, plus examples and expanded ideas;

Prepare the final speech and foresee three questions in advance for opposition/ preposition team.


The teacher introduces the topic “The written word should be replaced by modern technologies” and the objectives of the lesson; 3 min

The process starts with the warming up activity:  ‘equipment made of people’ (to strengthen team spirit) –  8- 10min;

Arguments of preposition team- 6min;

Questions and answers -3 min;

Arguments of opposition team -6min;

Questions and answers -3min;

Final ideas of prep team; 1-2min;

Final ideas of opp team 1-2min;


Each of the students assesses themselves according to the given categories (1 to 3 points each category:   My personal preliminary preparation for debate; My personal contribution to the debate quality; The quantity of my efforts and time to achieve success; The quality of my participation in the debate . 8-10min

Additional notes:

Teacher and students reflect on the debate. 2min.


Author: English teacher Daiva Pukelienė, Klaipėdos „Žemynos“ gimnazija