Evolution or Creation?

Subject: Cross-cutting themes
Summary: For thousand of years, man considered the world one of God’s creations. Almost all nationalities ( except the Babylonians) have mentioned -one way or another- the Creation of the World. Starting with the Illuminists and continuing with the French Revolution when the Creator’s role is overturned by Science, humanity will search an explanation of its apparition and the World in general which does not involve God. This is why today we have reached the multitude of theories on the beginning of Life and World by hazard and evolution. God or Chance? It is a theme that students debate with great pleasure , having extensive knowledge from History, Biology, Geography, Religion and so on. Therefore, even the less experienced in debate can express their opinion in public. We only have to encourage them!
Activity length: 50 minutes

The aim of the activity is to stimulate the students to express their opinions but to support them with logical arguments. The activity can be developed in Religious Education classes, too, as the curriculum of these subjects allow these themes.

At the end of the lesson, the students will be able to:

  • Enumerate theories about the apparition of Life and the World
  • Formulate at least one argument in favour of the affirmation they make.
  • Make group decisions
  • Evaluate arguments brought by colleagues

The teacher mentions the main theories about the apparition of the world and Life and the explains to the students the way in which the activity is going to happen. In this particular case, the script is like an open  trial held in order to establish the truth and the students will be the witnesses of one of the sides or judges of the case.


5 minutes – Brainstorming: the teacher asks the students  to bring arguments pro and against each side on the apparition of Life and World.

15 minutes – Negotiating within the teams and choosing 3 strong arguments – the teacher splits the class in 3 groups by counting heads (1,2,3)  group 1 in favour of the scientific theory, group 2 in favour of God creating the World and group 3 the Jury, asking each group to pick a name for themselves. Each team will choose 3 strong arguments, pro their theory and against the other, while the jury will choose only 2 but for each theory, so a total of 4.

20 minutes – Presentation of arguments Teams present their arguments in turns. The jury will evaluate them as they speak, considering the coincidence with their choices of arguments, too.

5 minutes – Evaluation of activity: on individual tables that will be posted in the corner where the verdict is given.

Additional notes:


Argument Strong Poins


Average Points


No score


S1 P1      
S1 P2      
S1 P3      
S1 C1      
S1 C2      
S1 C3      
S2 P1      
S2 P2      
S2 P3      
S2 C1      
S2 C2      
S2 C3      

The Jury will grant an extra point for the arguments that coincide with theirs.