Education: “Exams Should be Abolished”

Subject: Language classes
Summary: Forum debate
Activity length: 45 min.


  1. The students will improve their knowledge about school exam system in their country.
  2. The students will be able to name positive and negative aspects of the exam system.
  3. They will express their argumentative opinion on the subject discussed.

Competences: Learning to learn; Communication; Critical thinking and information; Public speaking.

  • Introducing the topic and objectives of the debate.
  • Warming-up activities: “Tell the story in 6 words”. Students are shown 2-3 pictures (on “Education” topic) on the board using multimedia and they have to make up stories of 6 words only.
  • One student who is prepared beforehand introduces the exam system in his / her country and raises the problem of the topic discussed: “Exams should be abolished”.
  • Two students – judges are appointed.
  • Students are divided into two groups according to their chosen point of view. Speeches are prepared, speakers are elected.
  • Affirmative side speaker makes a speech.
  • Cross examination.
  • Negative side speaker makes a speech.
  • Cross examination.
  • Final speeches (affirmative, negative)
  • The judges assess and make a decision which team has won the debate.

Assessment: The judges announce the winner. The teacher may express her/his opinion on the debate and assess the best students – speakers.

Reflection: How has my point of view on the existing exam system in your country changed?

Additional notes:

If some time is left, a three – word debate is organized (topic “Education”)