Contribution to discussion – The argumentative part

Subject: Language classes
Summary: The students learn the structure of arguments, so that they are able to create a correct contribution to discussion.
Activity length: Duration is 45 minutes.

Students will be able to create an argument based on the classical structure.

Students will be able to find a relevant sources for different topics.


Students need a mobile phone, tablet, computer with internet connection


Part 1: Rehearsal of the classical structure of an argument.

Part 2: The class is divided into groups of 4 (for example by using 4 seasons – every student is marked by a teacher as spring, summer, autumn or winter and then the instruction is to create groups in which there are all four seasons).

Part 3: Every member of the group will present one part of the classical structure of an argument (statement, explanation, evidence and impact). The teams create one argument related to a given thesis. (e. g. The classical books should be abolished).

Part 4: Presentation of the groups – it might be convenient to give a time limit, 1 or 2 minutes depending on the number of the groups. After each presentation, there is a short evaluation by another group, whether all the parts of the argument were well built. Another alternative might be to change the order of the parts of the argument and another group can set it up in the correct order after the hearing of all the four members.

Part 5: Reflection of the activity based on questions.


Peer evaluation

Oral evaluation by a teacher

Additional notes:

It is a class designed for the beginners in the area of the Academic debate – suitable for the 1st grade of high schools.